The most common door packages are 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 door systems. We also offer individual equipment pieces, mainly to augment a previously purchased package and we will gladly supply that price sheet upon request. A price sheet gives you numbers only, they do not steer you in the right direction to best satisfy your needs and goals.

• A rule of thumb is (as of Sept 13, 2013), figure approximately $115 per door. In other words,for a 24  door systems it runs $2686.00 (or $111.92 per door) for a standard package. We also offer deluxe packages that also have a door transport rack and a bi-fold mounting frame and there is an additional charge for deluxe packages.

• We like to talk with the contractor to find out what they want to accomplish and what their future production goals are. After we know something about you, then we can offer intelligent recommendations that pertain to your unique situation and not a one size fits all approach.
• We will recommend the equipment or system that is best for “you”. Your production goals, the amount of work space you have, the number of people you have, the type of doors that you most frequently do, is your work done in a shop or on the job site, and the type of materials being applied are all things that help us determine the best combination of equipment for “your” needs.
• Steel prices can fluctuate rather dramatically, depending on economic conditions. If you contact us, we can give you current pricing and offer intelligent recommendations to help make sure that you are considering the equipment that best suits your situation and will satisfy your needs.