My name is Dan Hansen I am the owner of Colorquest Inc. I have been involved in the painting industry all my life. The Roto Finish door finish system is in my opinion the only way to do doors. Spraying finishes on a horizontal surface moving the door with handles and the drying racks using so little of an area is pure genius. We bought our system seven years ago and they have been well used. My investment paid for itself on the first job. Jerry is very informative and very helpful and customer service is awesome. If you need a verbal opinion please call me personally.
Dan Hansen

The Roto Finish System has been great. We have been using it for nearly a year and my guys love it. It’s easy to use and easy to store. I just placed an order for some additional brackets. As the finishing portion of our business grows, I plan on adding more products from this system. It has definitely been worth the investment.
Scott Stewart

Jerry, I purchased the 24 door package from you about 8 years ago. This system has worked flawlessly for me. There has been a lot of thought put into everything. We are putting out a better product than our competitors. Well worth the money!
Tim Branaugh
Yankton, SD

The Roto Finish System has worked great. It has easily paid for itself with increased productivity and increased quality control. Customer service from Roto Finish Systems is excellent. When I needed additional brackets for a job, Jerry turned the order around quickly for us.
After using the Roto Finish Door System, we purchased a “Super Rack” trim rack for a large trim job. Again the quality product and customer service from Roto Finish Systems and Jerry Grace were there. The trim rack greatly increased our productivity and quality control. I would highly recommend Roto Finish products to any paint professionals.
Jeff Sturtz
A.R. Pierrepont Co., Inc

I’m pleased to report that the equipment I purchased from you last year has performed flawlessly. No problem supporting solid core doors. For me, the best feature has been the Transport Rack. We have finished over 300 doors without and incident of damage. Let me know what else you are building. Best wishes.
Mike Lystar
Mike Lyster Painting and Wallcovering, Inc.

Thank you for the Roto Finish System. I am very pleased with your product. Finishing doors on a flat surface is the only way to go. The drying racks work great with the casters, we can move them around the shop with ease. The Transport Racks are great because the doors have no chance of getting damaged when hauling to a job site, the other day I delivered doors to a contractor and he has never seen your system before and carrying the doors with the handles on them he thought that was great. Thanks again for the wonderful product, it is very well made.
Darrell Renken
President R&K Painting and Wallcovering Inc.